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FO3 Academy is dedicated to the promotion of a competitive and inspiring basketball culture in Ottawa.  We hope to achieve this through proper training of the youth and adults in an environment that promotes learning, discipline and community.


We aim to be Ottawa’s premier basketball training center for the youth and adults who love the game of basketball.


These are the values that we uphold to achieve the goals and mission of the Academy:


A – accountability

      At the academy, we are accountable for each other. We look out for our family members.

C – consistency

      We strive to be consistent in our mission to be one of the best training facilities in Ottawa.

A – adaptability

      We thrive in being amenable to change.

D – discipline

      We will not succumb to failure.

E – efficiency

      We promote the best way of managing our resources to make the most out of every opportunity.

M - motivated

      We are going to push each other to be the best version of ourselves.


      You only live once, so live the best life possible.


Founding Members

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